2020-03-21 • poetry fiction

hey guys welcome to DreamZen my minimalist living youtube channel.

today i have a short video on being AN INTROVERT (!)

in case you don't know what AN INTROVERT is, it's someone who...

who... gets their energy from being ALONE.

they tend to feel DRAINED if they're around others for too long.

now being an introvert DOES NOT MEAN you are anti-social or dislike people.

this is a COMMON MISCONCEPTION that i hear all the time.

introverts just need some time to recharge.


i just LOVE my solitude (!)

being by yourself is a skill everyone should cultivate.

REMEMBER (!) being ALONE does NOT equal being LONELY.

it's just enjoying your own company-- you know?

i love eating alone.

i just love stepping into restaurants with long tables of boisterous families

--large men waving at waiters for their sixth dinner beer, kids throwing breadsticks at each other, toddlers let loose weaving between legs under tables, the clattering of dropped silverware and spilled drinks, full fat bellied laughter, yells, cries--

i love stepping into these restaurants,
and then turning around and walking out
to the serene japanese tea house around the corner,
so i can sip my green tea absentmindedly,
as i gaze in the general direction of the lotus blossoms,
and listen to Power of Now (link in the description!) through my noise canceling headphones.


i don't like to be touched while sleeping.

i need my personal space.

who can sleep while being touched?

according to my oura ring i sleep much better without such disturbances.

my wife and i put two queen beds together to make enough space for the both of us.

i can't imagine sharing one queen bed. how do y'all do that? sleeping with someone else snoring on you all night. it's beyond me.

anyway we had two queen beds together but then we just said screw it and just moved them to separate rooms.

we just need space to recharge. it's genetics.


i absolutely love being in nature alone.

sometimes my wife says i love trees more than people (haha).

nature is such a solitary experience for me.

if you haven't related to nature alone, just you and Mother Earth, you're really missing out.

i try to forest bathe at least once a week.

the trail in my neighborhood is crowded on the weekends but if you go far enough, you can find some quiet, secluded, spots.

i usually head out after lunch in the colder months,
always remembering to put my hood up and eyes down before walking past the lookout point where teenagers kiss tenderly in their cars

and on the trail, i always remember to reflexively strain a flat half smile as i pass the thinning groups of hikers,
all gossiping, carrying portable speakers, ignoring the sounds of the birds...

i walk briskly, purposefully.
i trek through shrubs and bramble until i am finally alone with the trees, so i can hug them and cry


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