My UTCS Blog Posts

2018-08-31 •

My senior year of school, I blogged for the UT Austin computer science department. Here are all the posts I wrote for them, loosely categorized.

Posts I Liked

It Gets Better (Part 1), (Part 2)

In part 1, I write about the loneliness and frustration I felt my first few years of college. Part 2 is kind of a speech about sympathy for the lonely and how I've changed my life since freshman year. I poured my heart out in part 2, I was shaking in the library while I was writing it. It's the post that received the most feedback.

Big Data Journaling

I ranked each semester by happiness by analyzing my daily journal.

The Worst Hobby

A niche and kind of strange post, but one of the more personal ones. I try to explain my awful obsession with Linux window managers.

Posts My Friends Liked

My Disgusting Apartment

A light-hearted post about the horrifying state of my post-Halloween weekend apartment and about laughing at stress.

How To Not Get An Internship For Freshmen (Part 1) (Part 2)

My futile freshman year internship search and advice on technical interviews I haven't heard elsewhere.


Coming to terms with not knowing what to do with my life or what the future will bring.

Other Posts

Finding Meaning in My Work (Part 1) (Part 2)

Discussing the absurdity in a lot of "cog in a machine" tech jobs.

The Benefits of Struggling

How getting fucked by operating systems benefited my attitude towards hard work and free time.

Lower My Standards

Advice post on how I eased the stress of writing by accepting that my first draft would be shit.

Building Blocks

How not caring about linear algebra led me to drop a class I was excited about three years later and advice on how to motivate yourself through theoretical classes that may seem useless.

Doing It For The Credit

Why you should just take freely take random classes instead of trying to squeeze in a double major or certificate.

Classes I Loved

Recommending three of my favorite elective classes I took at UT.