2020-09-25 • life

tips tricks and perspectives for the hermit life
2020-06-12 • life

on fakeness
2020-05-13 • life fiction

2020-05-08 • life spirituality

Melting into discomfort, uniting with whatever life gives you.
2020-04-19 • philosophy health

The limits of scientific proof, defense of energy medicine, internalizing belief as a spectrum.
2020-04-18 • poetry

an entertainer's dream
2020-03-21 • poetry fiction

hey guys welcome to my minimalist living youtube channel today i have a short video on being AN INTROVERT.
2019-11-07 • writing

about the relation between language and feeling, about 90% of writing being revising sounding dreary, and about kerouac vs hemingway
2019-11-04 • reviews books

There are an infinite number of signals in the world. We create our reality by paying attention to a subset of these. By picking what signals you pay attention to, by picking your "reality tunnel", you can create the world you want.
2019-11-01 • poetry

For the first time in my life I flipped through one of those airplane magazines in the seatback pocket in front of you. Shit is dystopian. Satirical almost. I highly recommend it.
2019-10-17 • life

The gaze of those you know fixes you in the role you play for them and my friends generally don't expect me to crawl around the floor meowing.
2019-10-05 • life

Never asking for help subtly reinforced a sense of separateness from society, narrowing the scope of my love, involvement, and responsibility.
2019-08-31 • health philosophy

Why I trust traditional medicine.
2019-06-01 • life spirituality

Baby steps into the spiritual life.
2019-04-25 • favorite life

Dealing with loneliness in college.
2018-09-03 • life adventure

Shitting myself over some spiders.
2018-08-31 •

Here are all the posts I've wrote while blogging for UT, loosely categorized.
2017-03-16 • life

Why I lost my shit when my friend told me he cleans his toaster.
2016-12-22 • reviews books

This shit is terrible.
2016-12-19 • programming

whats good
2016-08-17 • adventure

The first of many aquatic misadventures.
2016-07-03 • life philosophy

*hints blunt* i feel like there's just, like, no point to anything, you know
2015-12-27 • reviews

absolutely disgusting
2014-08-15 • programming

My first arduino project.