2022-08-01 • spirituality

I enjoy reading the prayers and diaries of others, I thought I would share some of my own recent ones.
2022-03-29 • life spirituality

can you rationally plan your usefulness?
2021-09-01 • life spirituality

chasing god
2021-09-01 • life spirituality

When I first started getting spiritual, I watched all these Youtube monk videos telling me 'be the silent witness', 'you are not the doer', 'thou art that', etc etc etc. Intellectually, I got it, but nothing really changed.
2021-01-27 • health spirituality

Ayurveda, magical mantras, and how I approach belief and skepticism.
2020-05-08 • life spirituality

Melting into discomfort, uniting with whatever life gives you.
2019-06-01 • life spirituality

Baby steps into spirituality.